【Hello World系列活動】文化手作競賽-彩繪安平劍獅Cultural Handmade Contest-Painted Anping Sword Lion

  • 活動類型:其他
  • 報名期限:2021-09-30 ~ 2021-10-15
  • 活動日期:2021/10/1 上午 12:00:00 ~ 2021/11/8 上午 12:00:00
  • 活動地點:非實體活動


  • 承辦單位:國際事務處
  • 承辦人員:陳宜蓁
  • 優先學院:不限
  • 活動對象:學生
  • 攜眷參加:不提供
  • 報名費用:免費
  • 是否附餐:
  • 名額限制:52
  • 報名人數:53  /  已核准人數:53
  • 保險需求:



說明:2021年10月26日(二)~ 2021年11月08日(一)長榮大學國際處FB之本活動相簿按讚次數為統計標準,獲得最多讚之前五名獲得本獎項。

2.於2021年09月30日(四)~ 2021年10月18日(一)至活動歷程報名後,待主辦單位以信件通知後,請至長榮大學國際處(行政大樓三樓)索取彩繪劍獅組。
(1)信件主旨: 彩繪劍獅成品_學系_姓名

1. 材料包中有提供彩繪顏料,若不敷使用請參加者可自行準備。

[Cultural Handmade Contest]
Painting the Anping Sword Lion by yourself with personal creativity, and learned about its cultural meaning.
Anping Sword Lion is a traditional craft in Anping, Tainan.
The function of it is to keeping off the evil spirit and relieving disasters in early time.

The Best Choice Award (5 vacancies): win the special present and the certificate.
Explanation: The work which obtained most of "like" in the FB page of Office of Global Engagement will be the winner. (Calculation period: October 26 to Nonmember 08, 2021)

1.Free! Limited 52 servings
2.Please register in the CJCU Activity Signup from September 30 to October 18, 2021. The organizer will notify you by email, you can obtain the painted Sword Lion from Office of Global Engagement, 3F, Administration Building.
3.Please email one photo of your painted work of Sword Lion to bella@mail.cjcu.edu.tw before October 25, 2021. The requirements are as below:
(1) Subject of the email: Painted work of Sword Lion_Department_Name
(2) One colorful photo. Please make sure it’s image resolution.

1.The material of painted Sword Lion is including pigment. If it is not enough to use, please prepare by yourself.

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